Mayor Coppinger Reconvening Urban Growth Committee On Dec. 15

Coppinger Reconvening Urban Growth Committee On Dec. 15 posted November 2, 2011

County Mayor Jim Coppinger said the coordinating committee of the Urban Growth Plan will convene on Dec. 15 at the County Commission meeting room.

The session is at the request of Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield.

Mr. Coppinger earlier said the request by Mayor Littlefield appeared to meet the requirement for having the group of local city leaders take a new look at growth boundaries.

He said, “Any municipality could have made the same request.”

If the committee agrees to stretch the city of Chattanooga’s boundaries as requested, the city would have a certain time period in which to carry out the annexations.

Mayor Littlefield is proposing that the coordinating committee consider sweeping additions to city territory to the north.

He is asking consideration of new city of Chattanooga lines next to Lakesite and Soddy Daisy in the northwest portion of the county.

The mayor asks expanded city lines in the rapidly growing northeast portion of the county all the way to the Bradley County line at one point. The city limits would extend to Mahan Gap Road, Harrison Pike, Snow Hill Road and Birchwood Pike.


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