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District 2 Commissioner Chip Baker tosses decades of R1 zoning and planning out the window while throwing Hamilton County Citizens under the bus in the process for the Home Builders Association and their developer cronies.

He voted to allow developers change R1 zoning and allow 7 homes per 1 acre, even homes zoned R1 for years. Total destruction of communities, massive congestion, overcrowding of schools and more. THIS IS EVERYONE'S PROBLEM NOW!

This move will increase gentrification and reduction of reasonable housing in minority communities. Just look at the old brownfields along the river downtown now selling for 1MM+ each. 

Commissioner Katherlyn Geter / Sabrena Smedly / Greg Martin / Steve Highlander recognized the issue and voted NO on the rezone, but Chip Baker went against the community. 

Time to stop the cozy relationship with developers and their associated organizations.


  • Call/Email Chip to bring the resolution back up for a vote and stand up for us?

  • Ask Chip why he aligned himself with the Home Builders Association and developers instead of the citizens of Hamilton County?


M: (423) 886-1765   
O: (423)-209-7200  



Register a Campaign Violations Complaint with the state by clicking the link below for unfiled or late filings.

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